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  (found on canister ex. 260,360,460,466Q)

Vroom Retractable Hose

makes usage easy and fast!

Available in 24' and 18' legnths.

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Why Vacuflo?

Since 1948, VACUFLO Central Vacuum Systems have been providing consumers with whole-house cleaning power and convenience. VACUFLO Central Vacuums offer numerous benefits includeing patented Cycloic Filtration Technology, unique hose management solutions, improved indoor air quality and the industry's most comprehensive Lifetime Limited Warranty. 

True Cyclonic Filtration for Cleaner, Healthier Homes. 

No Bags. No Filters.

Low Suction?? 

Check these tips first!

  1. Empty the bucket, Clean the screen (see video below), Replace Bucket 
  2. Make sure a hose is not plugged into another outlet. 
  3. Determine if suction at wall is same as suction at end of hose. Something could be stuck in hose. 
  4. Plug hose in a wall outlet and let run, check all other outlets in the home for leaks. 
  5. Unit Quit? Check reset button on left side of canister. 
  6. Carpet head quit? Remove clear guard on bottom, usually items clogged in there.