Starlink Wireless Communication for monitoring without Home Phone Line 

Call our office to ask about upgrading to a wireless communicator for a low fee.

Customers with a Gemini Alarm System are able to use Remote Arming App with their IOS or Android phones. 

Next contact our office to set up an appointment. 

We will need to know what type of phone service you currently use and may ask a few questions regarding it. 

After that an installer will come out to your home to make the connection and fill out paperwork. This should take about an hour. After he leaves your service will be up and running within 24 hours.  

Connecting to a Central Station 

Vacuflo offers alarm monitoring service for Napco Gemini or Magnum Alert Security Systems installed by us. These systems are equipment ready to connect to monitoring service with a land line home phone. If you do not have a home phone line, a cellular alarm communicator (Starlink) can be purchased to adapt your existing alarm system.  We do not require term contracts (you can cancel at any time for any reason)  and our monthly rate remains consistent.  Billing is done in Quarterly, Semi Annual or Annual payments.  Automatic payments are available. 

The first step to connecting is to apply for the LFUCG False Alarm Reduction Permit (if you do not already have one). This is a requirement for every home in Fayette County with a security system.  This will take 7-10 days to process and has an annual $15 fee paid to LFUCG.

Contact us here for all
Alarm Monitoring Account 
questions or changes.

LFUCG Alarm Reduction Permit